Original acrylic on canvas paperA4This is Zoe.  Zoe doesn’t need to wear a bra everyday, and can shop in the children’s section of most stores.  Zoe can eat whatever she wants and never gains weight.  Zoe hears everyday just how ‘lucky’ she is.  Zoe doesn’t feel particularly ‘lucky’.  Zoe definitely didn’t feel ‘lucky’ when she was mercilessly ridiculed all through her school years because she wasn’t developing at the rate of the other girls.  Zoe didn’t feel ‘lucky’ all the times she was made to feel totally inadequate in bars, clubs or even just walking down the street.  Zoe definitely didn’t feel ‘lucky’ when every single image of a ‘desirable woman’ didn’t represent Zoe in any way. Zoe would love to go back to the amazing pixie cut she had a few years ago, it looked stunning and it would take a maximum of three minutes to ‘do’ in the mornings....but Zoe can’t face having to correct people every time she is referred to as ‘young man’. So it’s a fucking good job that Zoe has the strength of a thousand lions and can glide through life kicking the arses of everyone who feels they somehow have the right to comment on her physical self.  Zoe just got that pixie cut.  She’s looks like a fucking Goddess perusing the racks in Tammy Girl minus a bra.


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