Original acrylic on canvas board
400 x300mm

This is Miriam, or ‘Mimi’ to her friends.....and boy does she have lots of friends.  Mimi is the absolute life and soul of the party, she positively lights up every room that she is in, with her beaming smile, and infectious laugh.  Everybody loves Mimi....except Mimi.  Nobody knows that Mimi wakes up every single day wishing she were someone else, somewhere else, doing something else.  Mimi is tired, really tired.  She is tired of having to be a certain way because it is expected of her.  She wants to call a friend in tears, she wants to pour her heart out amongst her closest tribe, she just wants to stop being Mimi, and be Miriam. She wants to know how she can start again......and accept her own truth.


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