Print from original acrylic painting, with Jenny’s story printed on reverse.



This is Jenny.  Jenny has been on a diet since she was fifteen.  Jenny is now in her mid forties,so that’s a fucktonne of misery.  Jenny jumps on the scales every single morning, every single evening, when she has had a poo, and when she has exercised.  Jenny worked out that she has lost 840lbs over the years.  Jenny worked out that she gained 882lbs over the years.  Jenny knows the syn values, point values, colour codes, calories, fat content, carb ratio and GI value of every food and drink you can think of.  Jenny has spent thousands of pounds in her bid to achieve her desired body.  Jenny will need to continue this cycle for the rest of her days if she wants to feel happy with herself.  Jenny estimates that she has been happy in her skin for about three months during the last thirty years. 
Jenny has turned down hundreds of invitations because she had nothing to wear that she felt comfortable in.  Jenny has lost friends because of this.  Jenny missed out on a handful of amazing job opportunities because the diet cycle has wrecked her self confidence and self esteem.
Jenny has cried a million tears.

Jenny is ready to get off this fucking rollercoaster but the ride won’t stop and the only option is to jump.  Jenny needs to know that someone will be there to catch her....

A5 ‘Jenny’ Print

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