A Guide to Crochet Hooks

Whatever your hold, be it 'pencil' or 'knife'.....whether you are a righty or lefty, here at Fleabubs we strive to ensure that you purchase the hook that is perfect just for you.  I like to work with my Customers from the very beginning, to establish what will provide the most comfort,  and to deliver a crochet hook that is also pleasing to the eye.

To help me in this process, please read through the following guide to determine what would best suit your needs.  If you have any questions or are uncertain about any of the information, do please contact me so that I can assist you further.
Once your hook has been received, if you are not happy with the level of comfort or control, I offer a free replacement service, and will provide you with alternative shaping until we have found your perfect fit.  

The handles themselves are made from polymer clay, and often will have a dusting of glitter or shimmer powder added as a finishing touch.  There might be a slight excess/residue from the powders the first few times you use your new hook but this will settle very quickly and does not alter the overall quality of the product in any way.

The handles can have fimo cane pieces embedded for extra decoration, and if you choose to have a 'Character' hook, your embellishment will be hand crafted onto the handle, again using polymer clays.  

Please do not subject your hook to extreme heat, or cold, or submerge in water for any length of time as this may compromise the structure of your hook.

As all items are handmade, imperfections are to be expected occasionally and will not qualify as 'faults'

A Guide to Hand Dyed Yarns

All of my yarns are hand dyed, in my gorgeous purpose built studio at home in North Devon.  I have a full range of colours, and a selection of bases and yarn weights.  If you want a colourway dyed on a base that is not shown in my shop, please feel free to contact me to arrange a quote for a custom dye.  

Once the yarns have been dyed and heated to 'fix' the colour, they are rinsed through.  Occasionally slight colour bleeding may still occur, especially with deep/saturated colours.  

Please also be aware that yarn mixes will react differently during the dye process.  A silk mix will never display the vibrant colour pop that a nylon mix will.  Also, although I have 'recipes' for each of my colourways, the dye powders can vary with each batch purchased, and therefore the volumes used within a dye application can also vary.  

You will at some point encounter knots in your skeins.  The acceptable industry standard is for 2-3 joins or knots per 100g.  These knots are required to join the yarns during the milling process, and are not considered 'faults'.  

Your skeins will be dispatched to you in a 'hank'.  When undone this will be in a loop, and will generally have three ties around the yarn at regular internals.  Until you are about to wind your yarn into a workable cake or ball, do not remove these ties or your yarn will vomit all over the place, and you will be left with a large but very pretty tangle.  If you would prefer, I can offer a free of charge 'caking' service.  

As each skein is hand dyed, please expect that there will occasionally be dye splashes, random flecks or colour variations.  Even when batch dyeing a colourway, you can expect that each skein will differ slightly to the rest.  This is part of the unique appeal of using a hand dyed yarn.  If you are looking for a uniform colour throughout a garment, please consider alternating skeins.  Again, as these are all hand crafted, expect the occasional imperfection.

Whilst the 'super wash' yarns I use are suitable for gentle machine washing, I always recommend that finished garments are cool hand washed and dryed flat.  Please ensure that you wash using a gentle detergent or specialised wool wash.  Do not tumble dry because very, very bad things WILL happen.  If you follow these simple care instructions you should be able to keep your garments looking their best, for as long as possible

Whilst every effort is made to capture accurate photographs of my products in natural light, all monitors and devices display colour differently.  I also use stock photos, so the product photo may not be of the actual item that you receive.

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