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The Build Your Own Beehive Shawl 

The 'Build Your Own Beehive' Shawl was born from a total lack of cro-jo on my part in late Spring of 2021.  I hadn't picked up a hook in months and wanted a project that would reignite my hooky flame.  I searched around but couldn't find anything that hit the spot.....I wanted colour, I wanted something that worked up quickly and something that I wouldn't get bored with after a few rows.  I also wanted to learn at least one new technique.

Initially I didn't want a shawl, then I thought that I could do a different shape to the standard triangle, and make something that was big and snuggly enough for a proper woolly hug, which is something we could all do with right now.

A few minutes sitting in the wild garden that Mr H had been developing on a small patch at the side of our house, smelling the flowers and hearing that familiar low hum of the bees and a pattern began to form......

And now she is here and ready for you all......I really hope you enjoy the pattern, and that it delivers YOU with a lovely woolly hug

Join the ‘Build Your Own Beehive’ CAL
Post progress shots and a photo of your finished shawl to Instagram and tag @fleabubsbylala,  using #buildyourownbeehivecal .  Also join the Facebook group for ‘The Haphazard Hookers - Fleabubs & Lala Hookalong’ to join in the fun!

The CAL will run until 1st October, and there will be some  wonderful prizes to be won!

The pattern is available for free as a PDF file and includes tutorials from my YouTube channel: