Fleabubs Yarns

After a couple of little toe tips into the world of yarn dyeing, I launched my own colourways in 2014.  I am massively drawn to colour, in particular the main three primaries and a lot of my colourways are based on these, and variations of. 

The majority of my colourways are named after songs, as music is something I cannot live without, something that evokes so many lovely memories and recollections.  As I dye there is always a playlist on, sometimes a colourway will be named as I dye, sometimes I already had a name and an idea and sometimes I need to hold a 'finished' skein in my hands for a name to become apparent.  

I really like to experiment and you will always find a lot of ‘OOAK’ or ‘One of a Kind’ skeins in my collections.  I tend to use a variety of dye methods, and in particular I like to use my own version of ‘speckling’, which creates more random areas of colour, as opposed to colour pooling.  This does mean that there are never two identical skeins, although the same colours and quantities may have been used.  My yarns are available on a variety of bases, and I am always happy to custom dye for my customers, or wind the skeins into workable ‘cakes’.  If you are working on a project that requires a number of skeins it is always suggested that they are dyed in the same dyelot/batch. 

Whist most of the yarns I dye are super wash, it is recommended that your finished garments be gently hand washed, and dried flat, to look and feel their best.