Fleabubs Crochet Hooks

Originally referred to as ‘Harty Hooks’ Fleabubs crochet hooks were designed in 2013, after I discovered that crocheting with an ergonomic hook was much kinder on the hands.  With it’s unique double shaping, the Fleabubs hook provides maximum comfort and has been key in enabling crocheters who experience joint and limb pain or discomfort, including those suffering with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.   The design process evolved to produce a handle with two sculpted areas, one for the thumb and the other where the palm would naturally sit.  The handles are suitable for both ‘knife’ and ‘pencil’ hold, and left or righted handed hookers.  


Although the ‘standard’ hook is made to our own shaping, I also create hooks with a rounded, wider or longer handle shaft, depending on specific requirements.  I always like to work with my Customer to ensure that they receive a product that suits their particular hold, and offer a free of charge replacement in handle shape to ensure that we get it just right.


Made from blended and conditioned polymer clays to give a beautiful, swirly marble effect, the hooks are also pretty darn fine to look at too!  The handles can be made in any combination of colours, and can also have small fimo cane pieces and other embellishments added.  For an even more personalised experience they can also have characters, or themes hand crafted onto them.  


The base hooks that are commonly used are an unbranded standard aluminium or steel crochet hook, depending on the hook size.  There is also an option for ‘Susan Bates’ and ‘Clover’ hooks to be used as an alternative, if that is your favoured brand.  


Fleabubs crochet hooks received nominations and were shortlisted in the top five ‘Best Crochet Accessory’ category in both the 2016 & 2017 ‘British Knit and Crochet Awards’.  This accolade still blows me away every time I think about it!!